Mutation Mash Available on Google Play!


Following a terrible accident in the famous Radioactive Animal Rehabilitation factory, mutated animals have taken over the enchanted forest! YOU must save the forest, and the world, before it's too late! Mutation Mash is a crazy and hilarious puzzle- action game requiring fast reflexes and a sharp mind.

Mutation Mash will be released at mid January on iOS Appstore and Google Play , and will be free to play.

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We started off as an independent game studio with the dream of creating something that would shake up mobile gameplay as we know it. Over one year and 1,000,000+ downloads later, our flagship game, Hopeless, won over the hearts of players worldwide. Like the Hopeless series, our new games have unusual stories, loveable characters, and a certain dark sense of humor unique to Upopa. Other than that, you’re in for a real surprise with our upcoming games - they'll keep you guessing every time you play.

We seek to bring a new attitude to the industry driven by our passion to make outstanding games.


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